Let's come together to help the Ukrainian refugees at our border!

Hundreds of Ukrainians are arriving at our southern border, awaiting an opportunity to come into the United States on an Asylum Refugee status. We are providing food and shelter at the border for hundreds as they wait their turn to enter the USA.

When Ukrainian Refugees cross the border, many of them need short-term shelter to rest and prepare for their continued destination in the USA. We are working with shelter locations to provide overnight shelter with cots and bedding, food, and assistance with transportation.

You can contribute financially or volunteer to serve. Volunteer opportunities include the following.

  • Transportation. Transportation includes travel from the border to the shelter location and the San Diego airport.
  • Shelter Location Assistance. Assisting with laundry, sanitation, food services, and more.
  • Language translation. Russian or Ukrainian to English at shelter site and intake site
  • Each shelter location needs security persons 24/7
  • Only a few refugees need accommodation longer than a few days. Refugee families needing more extended shelter need homes that can provide a room and food for a more extended period.